Flippy ai

Learn while playing esports or popular video games.

Boost student engagement.

Getting our esports program greenlit and then expanded every year was much easier when we showed that the kids would be learning science at the same time with Flippy. It made all the difference. -Middle school esports coordinator

Flippy flashcards get over half a million impressions per day, making them some of the most popular flashcards in the world. Thank you!

Flippy's Effectiveness Over Time:

Flippy is a game overlay that allows kids to study chapters from science or history while playing esports or their favorite games.

Studies show that schools that have adopted esports programs have noted significant increases in engagement and enrollment.

Many schools are implementing esports as a STEM pathway program to encourage computer use, computer building, programming, etc.

Flippy is available for after-school programs, public, private, or online schools.